Rock River Society are very pleased to have these fantastic local companies as partners and sponsors for our work in presenting living history in Rock River Western Town.
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A big thank you to our sponsors;

Most people probably knows Orvelin best through theirs shops Gottebiten, Godisfabriken and Bodypower, but The Orvelin Group is also in: trade, realesate and investments. With the headquarter is in Strömstad, bordertrade has naturally become a mayor business, as well as the ambition to develop and improve the local buisness- and realestatemarket.

Stene Mat is a store for real fresh food and have a huge variety of meat, cheese, hams and other delicacies i their maual delicacycounter.

They even offer a large variety of groceries, wich makes them a natrual choise for you weekly shopping.

Welcome to a nice shoppingexperience at Stene Mat

At ICA Kvantum you will find goods for all tastes, occations and prices - no matter what origin they have or how they are labeled. With Ica Kvantum you will find all famous brands in big amounts along ICA´s own brand at really good prices. ICA Kvantum has a price level which siuts most poeple and they always look to improve their prices to benefit the customer.

At Torskholmen, in Strömstad is where you can find HamnShopen. The naturl choice when you are looking for beachwares, childrens toys, decorations, fishing equipments, candy, shoes, handbags etc. for your holiday og summer experiences.

The shops is only open in summertime.

Tobaksvagnen on the Svinesund shopping area, is where you go to get the best prices on cigarettes, tobacco, soda and candy.Ever since the beginning in 1982, they have strived to give their customers just that; the best prices. And that has given them most satisfied customers throught the years.

Welcome to us!