Here we will try to give you regular updates on the latest news from Rock River!

January 6. 2020

Now we write 2020 in modern times and 1879 in Rock River. 

We wish a happy new year to all our members, guest and all others.  

2019 was a year we did get to write and update the webpage as much as we really wanted to, but we will try more this year.

Unfortunately, we also lost a dear member of our crew in the fight against illness.

2020 will not contain any new big building project in Rock River, as we will have more focus on finishing and renovating what we got. 
But we will build a new kitchen and dining area in the saloon, so that will grow slightly in size.  
The roof on the eatinghouse will also be renovated, and the backwalls on the buildings with the back toward the fields will also be fixed.

We wish everyone welcome back this summe. 

Membership fees:

Inactive/supporter 100 :- / person pr. year
Active member: 200 :- / person pr. year
Family ( 2 adults and 2 kids) 300:- / family pr. year.

Swedish members can pay to bg : 895-9108 SEB

Norwegian members : dnb nor 11451113161 (Terry Lonestar Gundersen)

Other nationality: please contact us!

2020 dates: 

4. july - 5. july - County Fair 

4. july - 2. august -  Open all days (11.00-17.00)

24. october - Halloween party in Rock River

28. november - Christmas market

October 9. 2018

Back again, with some updates from Rock River.

We are all very pleased with the rentals events we've had in August and September.

Great guests and good fun for us working there to help them.

Time has come to mainly focus on finishing more buildings, and maintenance of the exisiting ones.

We have had some good weekends and gotten a whole lot done.

Pictures will come soo, in another update.

Now we are focusing on the upcoming Halloween celebrations, with yet another

party in Rock River. And some new additions to the event also.

We hope to see many of the happy and brave children back again this year.

But please remember to bring warm clothes and proper footwear in case of bad/wet weather!!

A poster for the event is availiable at the "Events" page.

Check it out, here!

August 8. 2018

Well, that´s that. Another season done.

We all are left with lots of impressions and memories from this season.

In all honesty, we did not get a record year regarding number of visitors,

but we have gotten lots of nice compliments and many say they will return next year too.

This is what drives us to do what we do!

We have now gone over to that part of the year where we focus on rentals and private events.

Three private events in August and one in September (pr. August 1.)

We have opened a photoalbum on our webpage, so feel free to go and check out lots of nice pics from this season.

Direkt link here

We wish to thank all of you that came for a visit this year, all thos that in one way or another supports us

and all those that contibutes in making Rock River what it is.

July 8. 2018

This has been the opening weekend in our western town, and we have been visited by people from near and far.

Both curious people and like-minded re-enactors.

It is a great feeling to be a place where diversities can meet and enjoy the town and the "time we live in"

We have also added info about prices for entrance and how to pay. You can find this info under "About us"

We have made a little picture montage below, with pictures from the last few days.


Welcome to our town. We hope to see you there!

June 23. 2018

There is always something going on in Rock River.

Today we got a visit from the new horses that will stay in our town this summer.

They will mainly be used as workhorses, wich means that they will be used to pull wagons with visitors.

But also thay will be used for riding, for those that may want to try that.

Come on by our town and try you too!!

June 19. 2018

It has been alot of activity in our town all weekends so far, and alot of work has been done.

The Gazette was completed and now looks really nice (see pictures below),

and our toilet for diabled guests is also nearing completion.

It still need more plastering and painting on the inside, and even get on the wall boards on the outside.

The plan is for this to be done coming weekend. 

We have cleaned the saloon, the tailorshop, general store and lots of other buildings.

We have been several trips to the landfill with garbage too, and the town areas now looks really nice.

The childrens adventuretrail has also gotten some improvements - like a new swingline, and soon a new bridge too.

We have also fixed the barbegue grill, so now this is once more complete.

And we have even been visited by the local history association, and have several bookings for partys and event this autumn.

Now it is only about 3 weeks left before we open the town to guest on daily basis, and we are hoping for many visitors again this year.

Welcome to Rock River.

April 28. 2018

Another working weekend in Rock River. We mainly worked on the Gazette. Some of the guys tore down the old roof and walls on the second floor and then started rebuilding it in full height. One guys also worked alone on the toilet for the disabled, and there too walls and roof was started. The ladies also worked very hard this weekend. The cleaned up around town, and gathered alot of scrap and garbage to take to the dump next weekend. And as usual we got served a really nice dish time too. A Swedish traditional dish; swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes and lingonberryjam. The plan is to continue work on the Gazette next week, if we get people to show up.

We have unfortunatly had some cases of injuries and sickness in our ranks.

April 21. 2018

Another weekend in Rock River. We were a few worker more this time, and got quite a lot work done.

The outer wall of the backstage are is almost complete and 2-3 guys worked on the floor inside the backstage. 2 guys started work on the new toilet for disabled persons. This will be built between the telegraph house and the wagon shed.

We did not have time to finish it this weekend, but work will continue next weekend as well.

For dinner on Saturday, we got served Kjells "Capital N Stew", a spicy but very good dish.

On Sunday some of the workers started preparing for the lifting of the roof on the Gazette building. The roof will be lifted about 50 cm to make more room upstairs for sleeping area.

April 10. 2018

A lot of work was done in Rock River this last weekend.. The mission was to get up the outer back wall on the backstage area for the stage.

We even put in windows and made the opening for the equipment/backstage door.

On Saturday, the workers was served excellent food, as usual, by Kjell.

A very good pork tenderloin with bacon, corn and potatoes.

8. February 2018

After a period of pondering the question "Should we update the webpage?", we have finally decided to do it.

The webpage has finally gotten a "facelift" so to speak. Hopefully you, as our guest, will find it somewhat easier to navigate

Besides the webpage, we are doing repairs and improvements to our beloved town.

The saloon door before fixing.

Working on the new doors.

Finished installing the doors.