About us

Short info about  Rock River Western Town

Q: What is Rock River Western Town?

Rock River Western Town is a place where we convey American history from mainly the last part of the 1800’s, but also with a certain focus on the nordic emigration history.

This is done in a town we have built based on designs and methods from that period, with inhabitants wearing period correct clothing and food being prepared based on old recepies and often cooked in dutch ovens and open bonfires.

It is basically a place of living history.

Q: Where is it? 

Rock River is located at a farm called "Capital N Ranch" at Gåshult, a few kilometers north of the Swedish town Strömstad in the county Västra Götaland.

The adress is: Gåshult 14, 452 93 Strömstad, Sweden

GPS: N59 3.052` E11 15.187`

Q: What to do there?

Our guests will be able to experience some of the daily life at the end of the 1800’s,

but also have a opportunity to create good memories –

through a childrens field/obstacle course, horseshoe throwing,

lassoing, axe-throwing, target shooting, riding, guided tours, history-lessons,

family show on stage, barbeque pit, shops, cafè

and storytelling among other things.

Q: What does it cost?

On regular days, the price is SEK 60:- pr. adults and 30:- pr child.

Other prices will occour on different events.

Q: How do I pay for entrance?

On regular days, payments are made to Mrs. Sassy Sally Wilder at the General Store.

On events there will be a ticket office at the Wells Fargo building.

We accept payments by card, cash or swish (swedish money transfer)!

Q: Is it possible to rent Rock River for events?

Yes it is!

If you wish to organize an event yourself, we can offer to rent both the town and some of the crew to help you. Weather it would be that you need a themed party for your company,

kick-off party, birthday party for kids or adults, bachelor-/bachelorette- party,

teambuilding or other activites, we have the means to assist you.

Q: How do I contact you?

We would love to hear from you if there is anything you want to tell us or ask about.

Please feel free to contact us by pressing Contact, or by visiting our town and chat with us.

Rock River Western Town wishes everyone a hearty welcome.