(birth ca. 1800 - died 1869)

Occupation: Rancher

The civilizer of the district. Retired from a life as trapper and hunter and settled down and founded the Capital Ranch in 1845. Made close friendship with the native Caddo-tribe before they left. He married the daughter of the tribe's shaman, onshi la ohiti ke. Civilized the district. Elected the City of Rock River's first mayor from 1855 to 1866. Took in Killbilly Norton as a ranch hand, when he came to the district in 1868. He made Killbilly Norton heir to the Ranch when he laid on his deathbed, spring of 1869.

The only known picture of what is supposedly Alejandro Guerrero. Picture is taken during harvest season 1868.


(birth unknown - still alive)

Occupation: Rancher/Landowner

Emigrated from Norway with the Anderson brothers. Enlisted in the 3rd Texas Cavalry in the Southern War of Independence (American Civil War). After the war lived of his guns as a shootist, fighting bandits and villains. Came to the Rock River District in 1868. The owner of the Capital Ranch after its founder, Alejandro Guerrero died in 1869. Mayor of RRC a short term in 1876-1877.

Norton is very protective of his sheep.


(birth unknown - still alive)

Occupation: Schoolteacher

Not very much is known about Louise’s past, other than the few things she has confirmed herself. It is a fact that she was born in Sweden, and emigrated to America with her husband Jorgen Thomasson. They settled on a farmstead high up in Trail Creek Valley, outside Rock River. Her husband was attacked, bitten and killed by a rattlesnake, whereupon she after som time decided to move closer to Rock River. She is now living on the ranch of Kenny Norton as his life-partner. She is a good help on the farm on weekdays, and teaching the children of the area on Sundays, where
she is also suspected of spreading thought of gender equality in her classes.


(birth 1826 - still alive)

Occupation: Shopkeeper

Born and raised in Alabama as only daughter of a successful tradesman, and has had a interest in shop keeping since she was just a young girl.
Had an accident at young age when she one morning was milking the family cow, and has had problems with her legs ever since.
She is a very close and dear friend of Kris Norton, and therefor also the only he trust in running his store – Norton´s General Store in Rock River.


(birth 1831 - still alive)


Occupation: Town Marshall


Terry Lonestar is the true name of this person, although he has been using the alias of Edmund Beauchamp in the past. Born in El Paso as Terry Whistler to a soldier family. His father fought in the War of 1812.
Terry was previously a lawman in El Paso, but left the town in 1875 after a shooting accident. Also served a bried period with the Rock River Rangers.
Terry changed his last name simply because he loves Texas so very much. He was saved from a life in pain by the daughter of Doc Merriwether, and is currently engaged to her.


(birth 1843 - still alive)


Occupation: County Sheriff


Texas boy-hero of the War of Southern Independence. Promoted Captain in the Texas Cavalry at age 17. Fought many battles and led many dangerous missions. Resides mostly at his uncle's farm in Hondo, Texas, but also considered a citizen of Rock River. Member of the City Council, and appointed deputy sheriff by Mayor Norton in 1876 and then to County Sheriff in 1877. 
He also claims the chief editorial position of the Rock River Gazette, a position he took over from Ms. Wilder. 

JOHN F. "Eagle-Eye" EMERSON 

(birth 1842 - still alive)


Occupation: Tailor / Mayor incumbent


Youngest son of Irish emigrant family. Rest of his family was killed by rouge indians, but John was found and raised by Mangas Coloradas of the Apache tribe. Joined the fighting in 1861 and served as cavalry scout and later as 2nd Lieutenant in Rock River Rangers. Became 4th mayor in Rock River  in 1871, and serves currently as mayor in 1879.
Is currently engaged to Savannah «Snowwhite» Snowdon and runs a tailorshop in Rock River next to the duties of running the town.


(birth 1842 - still alive)


Occupation: Barber / Tailor´s assistant


Born and raised a Texan, from Harrisburg, and early given the nickname «Snowwhite». Much is disputed over the origin of the nickname, but no answer is given as of yet. Started shearing sheep in the area when she was only 10 years old, and later got education as barber/hairdresser.
Was much used by the Confederate army as messenger and spy all over Texas and surrounding states during most of the war. Planning to move permanently to Rock River, to start a life and work with John F. Emerson.


(birth ca 1827 - still alive)


Occupation: Saloonkeeper


Born in Dalkeith, Scotland in 1827 and emigrated with his family to America in search of a better life. Settled first in Vicksburg. Logan worked as a errandboy in a local general store from young age. At the age of 18, he met and fell in love with Betty Müller, a merchants daughter, and spent almost 3 years proving to her father that he was worthy of her hand. They married in 1848 and opened a pub/resturant together. Union troops took this place as regular «waterhole» during their occupation. Moved to Kaufmann County, Texas for some time and finally settles in Rock River. Now runs the «Jackalope Bar & Cafe» with his wife, Betty!


(birth ca 1828 - still alive)


Occupation: Saloonkeeper


Born as Betty Müller1828 in Vicksburg, Mississippi and of Austrian origin. Worked in her fathers general store from early age. Thus she have inherited her fathers love of numbers and organizing. Lost all her brothers in the War Between the States.  Fell in love with a Scottish emigrant boy named Logan, and married him in 1848. Moved from Vicksburg after the war due to the last period of occupation from the Union troops. Lived for some time in Kaufmann County, Texas before finally settling down in Rock River. Runs the «Jackalope Bar & Cafe» together with her husband.


(birth 1822 - still alive)


Occupation: Sailboat captain


A farmers son from eastern parts of Kaufman County, Texas. Raised on the Moore’s farm on the banks of the Trinity River. Born on a very windy October day, and was secretly carrying a dream of becoming a sailboat captain. Gave up the farmers life and moved with his wife Charlene to Galveston when his parents had both passed away. Relocated to Kemp, Kaufman county during the war, but contiuned to work in the Confedrate Navy as captain. Now workes as captain of a merhcant sailer, but visits his wife in Rock River whenever he can.


(birth 1824 - still alive)


Occupation: Shopkeeper/Baker/Candymaker


Born a farmers daughter in Kaufman County. Her father was a very devoted presbyterian and hard working farmer. Charlene learned the housewife skille from her mother – a locally famous cakebaker – and also some farming skille from her father. Charlene soon developed both the taste for and skill necessary to become a cakebaker/sweetsmaker herself.
Moved to Galveston to aid her husband in chasing his dream of becoming a sailboat captain. Relocated to the presbyterian settlement called Kemp in Kaufman County during the war. Later moved to Rock River when her kids all had grown up and moved out.